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We are delighted that you've taken the first step towards an exciting journey with us. Thank you for considering Homes for Students as your potential employer.

Thank you for considering Homes for Students as your employer of choice. Together, let's make a difference and build a better future for students!

Our Values

As you embark on your career search, we want to assure you that you've come to the right place – a place where our values are at the core of everything we do.

Own It

We encourage a culture of ownership and accountability, where each team member takes pride in their work and embraces challenges with determination. This value is reflected in our recruitment procedures as we seek individuals who are proactive, eager to take initiative, and ready to contribute their unique skills to achieve our collective goals.

Support Each Other

Collaboration and teamwork are vital to our success. We foster an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, where everyone's voice is heard and valued. In our recruitment process, we look for candidates who not only possess individual excellence but also demonstrate a willingness to uplift and assist their colleagues, creating a strong support system within the team.

A Force For Good

At Homes for Students, we believe in making a positive impact on society and the communities we serve. As we welcome new candidates, we seek individuals who share our passion for creating a better world and have a desire to contribute their talents towards being a force for good in the lives of students and the wider community.


Building meaningful connections is essential to our ethos. We foster an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. In our recruitment procedures, we aim to create connections with candidates by ensuring transparent communication, offering a warm and engaging candidate experience, and emphasising the importance of building lasting relationships within our team.

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4. Offer

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5. All The Paperwork

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6. Start Date

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Together is Better

Our TIB (Together is Better) Program is at the heart of Equality, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EEDI) at Homes for Students. It unites representatives from various departments to lead and implement our EEDI strategy, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates our diverse student demographic.

Through TIB, we aim to integrate equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion into our culture. Involving representatives from all areas of the business instils a sense of ownership and shared responsibility in driving our EEDI strategy. It serves as a platform for open dialogue, idea sharing, and innovative solutions, creating an environment where every student and colleague feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.

The People’s Voice

Created in response to our annual colleague engagement survey, The People’s Voice team is a group of volunteers from a cross section of the business who come together to help continuously improve Homes for Students as a place to work. The group provides a genuine opportunity to voice feedback gathered from their respective areas, share best practice, problem solve and generate new ideas.

Improving uniform, introducing a calendar of wellbeing initiatives and restructuring our reward & recognition scheme are just some examples of the group’s success in recent years. Each quarter, a temperature check survey is issued to an anonymous sample of colleagues, the results of which inform the People’s Voice team’s priorities.

Insights Discovery

All our employees learn about Our Insights Discovery Programme once onboarding with Homes for Students. Insights Discovery is a valuable resource that equips our colleagues with a simple yet powerful tool for self-awareness and effective communication.

Based on a four-color model, this program enables individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their communication styles, and how they interact with others.

"I enjoy working for Homes for Students because they have a great company benefits package available, I find communication great within the business & enjoy Connect"

Yvonne Hewitt